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Forrest J Ackerman

Dark Discoveries is a quarterly (Spring: April 30th, Summer: July 31st, Autumn: October 31st and  Winter: January 31st), 8×11/color glossy magazine (100 to 130 pages) that is available in book stores in the US, Canada and Overseas (U.K., Germany and other countries).

In continuous publication for over a decade, the magazine features some of the best content in the Horror/Dark Fantasy/Science Fiction genres, offering in-depth interviews, insightful articles, regular columns, fantastic artwork and outstanding short fiction. Past contributors and topics include: Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, The Twilight Zone, H.R. Giger, William F. Nolan, Ramsey Campbell, EC Comics, Joe R. Lansdale, Dan O’Bannon, Forrest J Ackerman, Graham Masterton, Brian Lumley, George Clayton Johnson, Dark Horse Comics, Brian Keene, Douglas Clegg, Joe Hill, J.K. Potter and many others.

The print run includes national/international distribution, direct sales, subscriptions and stores.  SRP is $11.95 per issue. Subscriptions and back issues are available.

Advertising Rates and Information

Space will be reserved once payment has been received/cleared. Ads are due one month prior to issue release dates (see above) and payment is due at that time (if not sent prior); non-payment in a timely manner will result in the ad not running. Paying advertisers that miss the ad artwork deadline will be bumped to the following issue. Note that space is limited: first come, first served. An electronic proof of the ad will be sent to advertisers prior to printing the magazine. Timely response (within 48 hours) via e-mail is appreciated; a non-response is assumed to be agreement that there are no errors/issues.

Term and Conditions

Billing: Payment is based on net 30 days. 1.5% monthly service charge applied on unpaid balance over 30 days. Advertisers using PO Box number in their address must furnish Publisher with a legal street address and phone number. Credits earned by increasing frequency during contract will be applied to future billing. No cancellations accepted after deadline. Any advertiser who doesn’t complete a contracted schedule will be subject to a short rate. Advertisers will be held responsible for any and all costs incurred in collecting unpaid bills including court and legal fees.

Electronic File Requirements
Images (minimum 300 dpi .psd, .tif, or .eps); Illustrator or Freehand (fonts converted to paths); PDF (fonts imbedded); Files must be sent electronically. For payment and other advertising questions, please contact:

Christopher C. Payne

 JournalStone Publishing

3205 Sassafras Trail

Carbondale, IL 62901

[email protected]

Payment is accepted in U.S. funds via

PayPal, check or Money Order

made out to JournalStone Publishing. Do not send cash.

Current Advertising Rates

Number of Ads:1x2x (each)4x (each)
Full Page (Back Cover)$725$650$615

Bleed:  8.625″ x  11.25″; No Bleed: 8.5″ x  11″

Number of Ads:1x2x (each)4x (each)
Two Page Spread$995$895$845

Bleed: 17.25″ x  11.25″; No Bleed: 17″ x  11″

Number of Ads:1x2x (each)4x (each)
Full Page Interior$500$450$425

Bleed: 8.625″ x  11.25″; No Bleed: 8.5″ x  11″

Number of Ads:1x2x (each)4x (each)
Three Quarter Page Interior$350$315$295

  Bleed: 8.5″ x  8.25″

Number of Ads:1x2x (each)4x (each)
Half Page$275$245$230

Horizontal: 8.5″ x  5.5″; Vertical: 4.25″ x  11″

Number of Ads:1x2x (each)4x (each)
Quarter Page$175$155$145

Bleed: 4.25″ x  5.5″

Right side column ad30 Days60 Days90 Days
Website only (250 x 300)$75$125$175

NOTE: All images should be 300dpi, tiff, with color set to CYMK

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