SAN FRANCISCO, February 4, 2013 – JournalStone Publishing (JSP) President, Christopher C. Payne and Dark Discoveries Magazine Managing Editor, James Beach, are pleased to announce that, beginning with Issue #23, Dark Discoveries Magazine will be the new home for Robert Morrish’s acclaimed and long-running column, “What The Hell Ever Happened To…?”

Robert Morrish has always been intrigued by individuals, particularly authors and artists, who achieved a degree of notoriety in their field but later vanished from view.  He launched the column “What The Hell Ever Happened To…?” in issue #8 of The Scream Factory (Winter 1991/92) in order to start tracking down some of the horror genre’s former luminaries who had since gone underground.  A total of nine installments of the column appeared in the pages of The Scream Factory before that magazine ceased publication with issue #19 in 1997. 

The column’s concept continued to resonate with Morrish, however, and in the latter stages of his tenure as Editor of Cemetery Dance (CD) magazine, the column was resurrected under the slightly more PC title “Where Are They Now?” However, after a short run CD’s already full slate of columns and columnists meant that the column would only be able to appear on an irregular basis. 

Morrish thus secured CD’s blessing to find a new home for the column, and his search quickly led him to Dark Discoveries, which had significant appeal due to the regular publishing schedule promised by the magazine’s new publisher, JournalStone Publishing.  After some quick negotiations with JournalStone President Christopher C. Payne, the column has a new home.  The column will appear in every issue of Dark Discoveries, under its original moniker, “What The Hell Ever Happened To…?”  There are also plans to publish supplemental installments on both the Dark Discoveries website ( and Morrish’s Twilight Ridge site ( Subjects for the early columns include: John Coyne, Dennis Etchison, Alan Rodgers, and Randall Boyll.

Robert Morrish is the former editor of Cemetery Dance magazine (issues #35 through 60) and The Scream Factory magazine (issues #7 through 19), and has edited or co-edited several anthologies, including October Dreams and Thrillers II.  His long-running column on the horror small press, “Spotlight on Publishing,” has been appearing in Cemetery Dance since issue #8 in 1991, and his blog covering the small press horror scene can be found at

Morrish was formerly the lead horror reviewer for Publishers Weekly, and has also had reviews appear in mainstream publications such as The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Daily News, The San Jose Mercury News, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, and The West Coast Review of Books.  He’s also published a variety of non-fiction work in genre publications such as Weird Tales, Rue Morgue, Cinefantastique, Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone Magazine, Dead Reckonings, Mystery Scene, and Midnight Graffiti. In addition, he has contributed to a number of genre reference works, including: The Encyclopedia of Fantasy; Fantasy and Horror: A Critical and Historical Guide; Supernatural Literature of the World: an Encyclopedia; and the forthcoming Encyclopedia of the Zombie. A Best of The Scream Factory collection is currently in production and will be published by Cemetery Dance Publications.

Morrish also writes short fiction on occasion, and his stories have appeared in more than two dozen anthologies, including The UFO Files, Subterranean Gallery, At Ease With the Dead, In Laymon’s Terms, and all seven volumes of the Shivers series. He’s had several stories singled out for Honorable Mention in Year’s Best anthologies, and his story “The Outsider,” which appeared in the DAW Books anthology The Texas Rangers (and was his first Western short story), was selected as one of three finalists for the Western Writers of America Spur Award for best short fiction.

Born and raised in Michigan, Morrish now lives deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, with his lovely wife Kayalucia (who he wed, most appropriately, on Halloween), five dogs, two horses, and a black cat.  As for his “day job,” Morrish has worked for a variety of Silicon Valley companies, including PayPal, Apple, Adobe Systems, and Symantec, and in his copious spare time, he’s a volunteer firefighter. 

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