Just to let everybody know my printer ran off a few copies of Dark Discoveries #20 for Crypticon this last weekend, but i’ll have the rest done in the next week or two here for everybody else (it was a mad dash scramble to get any done at all for the extra promotion we really need right now!). So i’ll be packing up everybody else’s very soon here and shipping throughout this month.

This one is our Weird Fiction and Film Special and features a special section on Thomas Ligotti with an article on him, fiction by Ligotti and appreciations by Wilum Pugmire, Laird Barron, Jeffrey Thomas, Brian Evenson, Michael Cisco, Nick Mamatas and others. It also features Fiction & Poetry by Ramsey Campbell, Clark Ashton Smith, Stephen Mark Rainey, Kurt Newton and John W. Oliver. Articles on Edgar Allan Poe, Clark Ashton Smith, Hammer Films comeback, Dan O’Bannon’s Resurrected and the second half of the Italian “Giallo” article. Interview with W. Paul Ganley, Reviews, Art by Alan M. Clark and Allen Koszowski and more!

Our new design guy Paul Dudley did a kick-ass job on the layout and Aaron French, Chuck Caruso and Jason V Brock all helped out considerably with editing, advice and proofreading. I think everybody is really going to love this one! Here’s the link to pre-order a copy as well: http://darkdiscoveries.1freecart.com/i/265416/dark-discoveries-20-weird-fiction-film-special.htm 

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