By Brian Pinkerton
Bad Moon Books
ISBN: 978-0-9832211-9-7
2011; $18.00

ROUGH CUT tells of one Harry Tuttle, a legendary horror film director who is long past his early success and is churning out direct-to-DVD dreck. Harry’s movies do make money for his investors, but he’s a joke in Hollywood. He longs to make a movie of some substance that will gain him respect and praise from his peers and the critics. Along comes Marcus Stengman, a young horror film buff who has financed and directed his own low budget movie. And guess what? It’s excellent and Harry is very jealous. He engineers a deal with the young protégé to take credit for the film himself in return for a lot of money. The film becomes a huge hit! Harry’s now a star, but the film comes with a big secret.

Brian Pinkerton has crafted a fast-paced, suspenseful ride that one could imagine seeing up on the big screen. The characters are well-developed and interesting. Harry Tuttle is basically a good guy sucked into the Hollywood machine. Rachel, the young starlet hopeful who is Harry’s love interest, is sympathetic and complex. Even the secondary characters aren’t cardboard cutouts. It’s a biting look into the Hollywood movie scene and also a love letter to horror films as well.

This is my first encounter with Pinkerton’s writing and I will definitely be searching for more in the future. Recommended.

– Reviewed by Trever Nordgren